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We are dedicated, driven and most important passionate to be investing a like minded society who strives for a common goal, We Endeavour to deliver the best in building concept, design and construction to adequately cater to the future needs of our members and their formalities i.e. a perfect balance of serenity convenience and hassle free living. Our initiatives are to provide modern living for modern society in smart city.
If gives us great pleasure to intern you that we the management team of shri vinayak multistate housing were the first to understand the immense potential of the land pooling policy being operated under MPD 2021 in Delhi.

We the management team of Shri Vinayak are committed to providing a great value to our members. We would like to assure you that we carry the necessary knowledge and experience to value project to its best conclusion.

We are able supported by professionals from diverse educational and professional backgrounds in this endeavors.

Vision - 2021

Vision-2021 is to make “Delhi a global metropolis and a world-class city”, wherein all the people would be engaged in productive work with a better quality of life, living in a sustainable environment. This will, amongst other things, necessitate planning and action to meet the challenge of population growth and in- migration into Delhi.

Master Plan

Capital future plan


Society Certificate

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